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Finding Our Purpose

Finding Our Purpose

Ever since we started conceptualizing DreamRise over two years ago, we've been hearing similar questions from our family and friends. Why hemp now? What makes you different?

We met nearly a decade ago at a San Francisco dive bar to discuss our love for startups, big ideas and food. What we didn't realize was that it was the beginning of an epic journey of finding our purpose together. It wasn't a clear road to paradise. Three different businesses later, we knew our time with building products wasn’t done, but we needed some real inspiration.

For us, life is too short to not pursue things you love. We always had an active lifestyle and have been researching hemp consumer products for years. Watching The Biggest Little Farm and educating ourselves what “organic” means in the United States, we want sustainable, domestic organic farming to succeed.

As more science proves how much plastic and carcinogenic chemicals we’re exposed to on a daily basis, we're missing out on natural-grown solutions for bodycare. We both have lost family members to cancer, so this fuels our mission to deliver clean, healthy products.

Starting today we’d love to share that vision with you.

DreamRise is a company developing top-shelf 100% USDA organic hemp CBD mixed in fast absorbent essential/dry oils, wrapped in sustainable packaging. Now it is up to us as consumers to choose what we want for a better future.

We hope you can join us in a purpose-driven walk on a path to sustainable organic hemp and natural self-care. 

With gratitude,
Abel & Melis

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