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At DreamRise one of our main missions is to leave our planet in better shape than we found it. Working on DreamRise, sustainability is so much more than just a buzzword, it's shown in our design.

Here are our top sustainability practices we currently use:

  • Dedication to organic farming: we use 100% organic, natural ingredients in both Alpaca Bliss and The Exit. Organic farming requires less water than conventional farming and doesn’t release toxic chemicals to the soil.
  • Minimal packaging: when you receive your DreamRise package, you’ll notice how small the box is, custom designed to hold our bottles. We chose this with intention to make sure our carbon footprint is set to a minimum.

  • 100% recyclable shipping materials: every single element from the box to secondary packaging is fully recyclable and made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified materials. Some of our packaging materials also come from recycled paper.

  • 90% recycable bottle: we purposefully used clear glass given how hard it is to recycle stained glass along with the printed chemicals. We are committed to finding ways to make our bottles fully recyclable in the near future!

  • Soy paper ink: All our materials are printed with natural soy paper ink avoiding any chemical additives in our processes.

  • Default ground shipping: Unless you prefer otherwise, ground shipping is a more sustainable option, creating less emission to the environment compared to planes.

  • Shipping domestic only: As part of our main mission we only ship within the US to avoid excessive carbon footprint.

We chose a beautiful glass bottle that is yours to keep, and you can reuse it for your favorite natural fragrance, or DIY projects.

We love connecting with such a great community of people who care about the environment, we hope you join in DreamRise's commitment to sustainability!

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