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At DreamRise, we are deeply inspired by sunrises and sunsets. Sunrises and sunsets represent every day as a new chance to start over, and leave behind things that don't serve us.

Here are top 10 sunsets and sunrises we are blessed to witness around the world in no particular order, or is it?


dreamrise maui sunrise
10. Sunrise at Maui, HI - We woke up at 4 am to make it to the top of Haleakala accompanied by blood moon rise, but the end result was a spectacular light show.




dreamrise santorini sunset

 9. Sunset at Santorini, Greece - This was completely unplanned, as we were eating dinner at our hotel in Imerovigli, and the sun was too beautiful to pass up!



dreamrise positano sunset

8. Sunset at Positano, Italy - On our wedding anniversary night, we were blessed by the beautiful sunset, it was a night to remember.



dreamrise zanzibar sunset

  7. Sunrise at Zanzibar, Tanzania - The town that morning was so quiet you could only hear the neighbors sweeping their doorways and the occasional car rolling by. Sublime.




dreamrise seychelles sunset

 6. Sunset at Seychelles - The sunset was right after a storm, and Seychelles gave us the most dramatic painting in the sky.




dreamrise nyc sunrise

 5. Sunrise at NYC - It was cold, very cold, but we dare you to catch a sunrise at the Brooklyn Bridge during colder months, because they're much more colorful.




dreamrise los angeles sunset

 4. Sunset at Los Angeles, CA - The capital of the sunworshippers, we never met a sunset in LA we didn't like.



dreamrise bangkok sunset

 3. Sunset at Bangkok, Thailand - We were blessed by the Shangri-la Bangkok team with the most beautiful room and most beautiful city sunset. We miss those street coconuts.



dreamrise cappadocia sunrise

 2. Sunrise at Cappadocia, Turkey - What if you only had three minutes to shoot a sunrise photo?



dreamrise maldives sunset

1. Sunset at Maldives - The most epic sunsets are the most unexpected ones, and we are still chasing to top this one off.

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