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Six Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Parents

Six Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Parents

Hm, family holidays snuck up on you? Or do you want them to feel extra loved just cause? Our Gift Blog Series continues, and if you love what you’re seeing, subscribe to DreamRise, and we’ll send these straight to your inbox next time.

All prices are as of the time of writing.


    6. The Lost Art of Finding Our Way by John Huth 

      So, before GPS, there were Yahoo Maps printouts. But even before that? No, it wasn’t complete darkness, but the early navigators paid close attention to the environment around them, as sometimes it was a matter of life and death.

      If your folks enjoy remote travel, this book will transform the way they view their next adventure. 

      Buy here $25


        5. Apple AirTags

          For the practical parent who needs to keep track of the multitude of electronics, keys, and even pets.

          You might still need to fix their internet from time to time, but next time they lose something, you got that covered.  

          Buy here (4-pack) $99


          4. DreamRise Alpaca Bliss Body Oil

          We're going to recommend our intimate excuse for massage nights until we run out of air. All adults for all seasons for any occasion. Accept no substitutes.

          Buy here $60


            3. Getting a 3-Day Pack at a GetAway Cabin

              Chic, remote cozy cabins at Big Bear?

              If they have an upcoming anniversary or it’s been a while since they had a weekend getaway, this gift is an eclectic take on your usual Airbnb fare. 

              Buy here $450-$500


                2. Parachute Shearling Wool Clogs

                  Yeah, they’re a major upgrade from the classical cotton slippers, they’ll thank you later for this gift.

                  What really sells us on these are the sturdy foam soles with tread, perfect for hardwood or cement floors! 

                  Buy here $99


                    1. Where Should We Begin Game of Stories

                      Okay, final boss-level time. What does one get for the parent that has it all? Go back to where it started, just simply give your time to them. 

                      After dinner, this is a great game to hear their stories. They can even play this game on their own to reminisce and perhaps still surprise each other with new questions to spark meaningful conversation.

                      Buy here $40


                      Well, that about does it for this week’s gift ideas to get for your loved ones. Did this help? Please let us know at!

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