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10 Best Wellness gifts for Self Care Lovers

10 Best Wellness gifts for Self Care Lovers

"Self-care" is so hot right now, but it's here to become a timeless trend. Self-care encompasses many aspects, and with your unique lifestyle, it might be hard to find it all.

That's why we've started a Gift Blog Series that shares curated lists of gift ideas that help build great habits towards supporting your health & wellness. 

All prices are as of the time of writing.

cotton cloud robe

10. Cloud Cotton Robe

You had me at 100% Turkish cloud cotton. We’re big lovers of anything cozy and comfy and commitment to sustainability and high quality products. With plenty of minimalist colors to choose from, your self-care lover will get lots of self-care time with this robe.

Buy here $109


apple watch
9. Apple Watch

The Apple watch is a wonderful technology that enables any wellness addict to track activity and heart rate. It also introduces challenges every month and rewards good behavior because even adults need positive affirmations.

Buy here $389


insight timer

8. Insight Timer Membership

In a go-go-go society, what better way to give meditation at your fingertips. You can find any type of meditation by so many experts around the world and meditate with others at the same time. We can’t live without this one especially when we’re winding down for zzz’s.

Download here $20


 neom organics

7. Neom Organics Candle

The candle industry is overflowing with so many options, but it’s important to choose the right one without paraffins and synthetic fragrances which are harmful for your body. Neom Organics offers vegetable wax blends free of synthetics or paraffin.

Buy here $33



6. Green Apple Exfoliating Mask

This is our all time favorite go to mask to unclog those pores and have a nice glow after showing our face. We are big fans of its recyclable glass container and certified organic ingredients. It’s a wonderful addition to any wellness lover’s weekly night time routine.

Buy here $49


5. Organic Cotton Sheet Set

Humans spend a third of their life sleeping, so it’s important we get rid of all the toxic chemicals in our life starting first with our bed. What better way to do that then with investing in 100% GOTS organic cotton sheets?

Buy here Queen Size: $168 (with a 25% discount)


garden of life

4. Garden of Life Raw Organic Green Superfood Powder

It’s a perfect gift for those who don’t love to eat greens but care about their body. Made with certified organic ingredients, this is a great way to give your self care lover that much needed energy boost.

Buy here $31


Photo credit: Amangani

3. Amangani Teton Wellness Massage Experience with CBD

If you’re looking for a splurge, the Amangani spa experience is a world class choice. They also offer 100% organic CBD add on is a guaranteed full relaxation journey. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Inquire here



2. DreamRise The Exit Body Oil

If you’re looking for the budget friendly alternative to Amangani’s massage experience, opt for organic DreamRise The Exit body oil, perfect option to use it for relaxation with a foam roller, before/after workouts or for a pre massage. 

Buy here $100

1. Lifestraw Peak Series

A straw you can bring wherever you go to drink clean water. Sign us up! 

Buy here $25


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