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Our 7 Best Hikes in Los Angeles

Our 7 Best Hikes in Los Angeles

Happy Summer Equinox! Just in time to break out of California's June Gloom and to celebrate the first day of summer, we're sharing our favorite hikes throughout Los Angeles.

Back of the Hollywood Sign

One of the first LA hikes we ever did, we were warned that you can't show up there looking cute. Challenge accepted. The path we took unfortunately is no longer open to the public as the NIMBY culture canceled this route. We recommend doing a lot of research to find the most up to date information for an entry point via Canyon Drive or via Innsdale Trail. Don't rely on Uber as few drivers will accept your ride up the hill, so you may get stuck coming back out.

Culver City Stairs

Short but spicy. Expect lots of stairs with incredible 360-degree views of DTLA and Hollywood sign on a clear day. If you go during warmer months you're in for a treat with humming birds and bunnies! We've been told rattle snakes were spotted here in the past.

Parker Mesa Outlook

A near 7-mile out-and-back trail near Topanga, California, this is a long but a worthy hike. Nice up and down elevation along nature with wonderful views at the end. May I suggest you do it during sunset time to catch the most beautiful LA gradient? 

Runyon Canyon Hill

If celebrity sightings or sceney vibes with cute dog-spotting is your thing, you've come to the right place. Expect heavy traffic and moderate elevation; this hike will get your heart rate going. You can’t skip the beautiful views of LA either.

Kenneth Hahn

One of the most underrated parks with so many different trails. It's got a Japanese garden, Chinese garden, even a hummingbird sanctuary. You get everything you're looking for. It's also extra magical during spring with all the wild flowers.

Franklin Canyon Park

One of the lesser known but incredibly beautiful trails along a lake. So much wildlife spotting, and away from the hustle and bustle of LA traffic, you'll find tranquility and peace here. Exceeded our expectations.

Sara Wan Trailhead Loop 

Part of the Corral Canyon Park in Malibu, it gives an effortless "Thin Red Line" vibe of the windy grass on the hills with an amazing overview of the Malibu beach coastal line. Be warned, because of the Super Bloom, there may be some overgrowth on the trail. So bring either a machete, or wear long pants, preferably both. 

We're always looking for new adventures. What are some of your favorite trails that didn't make this list?

Photo by Pexels Edgar Colomba.
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